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bar fridge

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BC3100G Three Door Drink Cooler

$3,229.00 AUD

BC4100G Four Door Drink Cooler

$3,769.00 AUD

CM20G TROPICALISED three door Bar Fridge

$3,750.00 AUD

HR200 S/S Bar Fridge

$1,050.00 AUD

HR200G S/S Display Bar Fridge with Glass Door

$1,099.00 AUD

LG-138HC Under Bench single door Bar Cooler

$765.00 AUD

LG-208HC Under Bench Two Door Bar Cooler

$880.00 AUD

LG-330HC Under Bench Three Door Bar Cooler

$1,269.00 AUD

LG-330SC Under Bench Three Sliding Door Bar Cooler

$1,350.00 AUD

SC148G single door Drink Cooler

$849.00 AUD

SC148SG single door Stainless Steel Bar Cooler

$1,099.00 AUD

SC248G Two Door Drink Cooler

$1,099.00 AUD

SC248SD Double Sliding Door Drink Cooler

$1,099.00 AUD

SC248SG Two Door Stainless Steel Bar Cooler

$1,330.00 AUD

SC316G Three Door Drink Cooler

$1,580.00 AUD

SC316SG Three Door Stainless Steel Bar Cooler

$1,580.00 AUD
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