Fagor 700 series natural gas mild steel 2 zone fry top FTG7-10L

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Fagor Industrial’s experience and quality standards have created the elegant and attractive 700 series FTG7-10L

The Fagor Industrial 700 Series presents new styling, practical and efficient solutions and important improvements for users.

The 700 Series offers functional solutions that improve product performance and introduces new and significant technical improvements, such as increased power for burners, ovens and grills. Always focused on improving and evolving, we’ve designed a series that is unbeatable in ergonomics, easy to use and, above all, easy to clean. All this combined with attractive styling, Fagor Industrial’s experience and quality standards makes the 700 Series capable of the highest standards in performance.

The 700 Series fry-tops have stainless steel burners with an ignition pilot light, and include a “Maximum-Mínimum” type valve to control the burner flame and have thermostatic control of the plate temperature: 120 ºC – 310 ºC.

  • Made of stainless steel.
  • Smooth hot-plate.
  • Surface area: 40 dm2.
  • 2 tubular burners in stainless steel with pilot.
  • Thermostat control of the hot-plate temperature 120 Cº -310 Cº.
  • Fat collector under the grill.

Power: 2×6.3 kW.
Total power: 12.6 kW.
Dimensions: 700 x 775 x 290 mm.

  • Width : 740
  • Height : 590
  • Depth : 840
  • Manufacturer : Fagor
  • Power : 45.36 MJ

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Weight 72 kg
Dimensions 775 × 700 × 290 mm