Meat slicer for non-frozen meat – HBS-300C


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Meat slicer for non-frozen meat – HBS-300C

Ideal for Butchers and Delis to slice fresh meats and small goods – 30.S/S Blade

  • Aluminum – magnesium cast alloy casting
  • Polished and anodized surface
  • Sleek design, no sharp edges, and corners, easy to clean
  • Assembly and disassembly blade cover with security protection
  • Metal on and off switch
  • Assembly and disassembly carrier with security protection
  • The machine complying with CE standard
  • Stainless steel blade (optional)
  • Gear drive
  • 0.2-15 mm adjustable thickness
  • Sharpener
  • Manufacturer : F.E.D
  • Power : 230V; 250W; 10A outlet required

Additional information

Weight 34.8 kg
Dimensions 686 × 748 × 678 mm