REF113 Refractometer

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A refractormeter is the ideal checking appliance for the “brix”of a product.

The “brix” is the ratio of sugar to product weight. It results from the ratio of
syrup to water and directly affects quality and taste. Brixing procedures should be performed before priming the unit and when syrups have been changed.
This refractometer is developed for general purpose work. It can measure the concentration of fruit juice, coffee drinks, cocoa drinks, soft
drinks, tomato juice, water-soluble cutting oil, water-soluble washing solution and more.

REF113 Refractometer

• Scale range: 0 to 32% Brix

• Minimum scale : 0.2%

• Accuracy: ±0.2%

• Built-in automatic temperature compensation range 10 to 30

  • Manufacturer : F.E.D