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Stainless Steel Castors /Disk Feet/ Legs

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LB7-0600/A Leg Brace

$94.00 AUD

LB7-0900/A Leg Brace

$94.00 AUD

LB7-1200/A Leg Brace

$104.00 AUD

LB7-1500/A Leg Brace

$104.00 AUD

LB7-1800/A Leg Brace

$114.00 AUD

LB7-2100/A Leg Brace

$122.00 AUD

LB7-2400/A Leg Brace

$156.00 AUD

LC-01/A – Castor ...

$199.00 AUD

LC-02 – Castor &...

$299.00 AUD

Legs with Caster

$219.95 AUD

Legs with disk feet

$185.00 AUD

SS-LEG/4 Leg Kit for F.E.D....

$144.90 AUD

SS-LEG/6 Leg Kit for F.E.D....

$169.00 AUD
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