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By your use of this website you are agreeing with these terms and conditions,
If you, do not agree do not use this website and you are not authorised to do so


You agree that these terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Queensland, Australia. You submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that state.


All linking to this website is expressly prohibited without the express prior written consent of Global to enquire about linking to this website contact us via email at


You release and indemnify Global from all claims arising out of or concerning the material and information available on this website or for any reason whatsoever from your use of this website.


Any links to external websites, Global does not warrant, guarantee, sponsor, approve or proport that these links provide information that is current free from viruses, prohibited content or infringements of any nature whatsoever.


The whole of this website and all interfaces, applications and contents are subject to copyright owned by Global or other third parties as the case may be, you have no intellectual rights to use, copy or transmit any of the content or trademarks displayed in this website whatsoever.


Global may use technologies to collect and store information relating to your use of this website, including the use of cookies and other technologies if we gather personal it’s collection is subject to our Privacy Statement and Policy which is available to view on this website.


You can access this website it’s interfaces, information and applications for your own personal use, you can download, print portions as indicated. You must not make any attempts to hack, interfere, change, add, remove, modify anything about this website it’s interfaces or applications. Global does not guarantee that this website will be available to access.


Global do not guarantee, warrant, or certify that this website (or linked websites) their interfaces or downloads and any of their content are free from viruses or damaging code of any nature whatsoever. You assume the risk of damage through the use of this website (or linked websites).


Global dose not warrant or guarantee that the information available on this website including but not limited to price, specifications, availability or compatibility is current and as such nothing through the use of this website constitute a binding offer or undertaking by Global.


We exclude all liability, loss, damage, cost, claim be it consequential or not whatsoever arising from your use of this website (or linked website) arising from any information you obtain through their use by error or omission or any other cause whatsoever. We also exclude liability of any damage to any computer, computer network, device or system whatsoever. If any liability is unable to be excluded by law then we limit our liability to the resupply of the specific goods or services which gave rise to the liability.


Definitions are the same definitions as shown in our Terms and Conditions of trade copies of which are available from

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